$85 for 1 hour
$125 for 2 hours

(with the option to add on 1/2 hour increments for $40 each)


  • Time and talent of photographer
  • Access to use all props and backdrops in our studio
  • Viewing session or online gallery with password protected images

  • 10 digital images edited with printing rights $200
    (that's just $20 per image!)
  • All digital images edited with printing rights $275
  • ~ OR ~
  • Choose to do a professional print order. Minimum order of $125

  • (Wallet size prints up to wall art available)

The session fee covers the time and talent of the photographer, images edited with an online password protected gallery or an in person viewing & ordering session.

There are a lot of time and tricks, (aka learned skills) that go into making sure your newborn has all those cute, very detailed photographs. The length of session you want should be decided while keeping a few things in mind. Newborn photography works best when your baby is sleeping so that they are not trying to move their arms, kick their legs, scratch their face and so on. Your baby may wake up each time we move him/her to a new backdrop, or might take a little bit to settle into the next pose. So deciding between which length of session you would like depends on how many images you would like to have in your gallery. Also think about whether you want images of just the baby or if you want some loved ones in there as well such as siblings, just Mom, just Dad, and so on.

I am honored when someone chooses me to photograph their sweet new precious baby. Your newborns safety is very important to me. Along with having two of my own, I have taken a newborn safety and posing workshop. Being a Mom, I completely understand how fast that time goes by and how fast everything changes. You want to remember all those small details that are so sweet but you are too exhausted and there is so much going on, (so much of everything besides for sleep that is haha ) I want to capture the details of their tiny fingers and toes so that you can have those precious details forever. These photographs will be images you will be so happy to pull out & share on their first birthday, their graduation, their wedding and when they are having babies of their own.

The best time to call us to book your newborn session is before the baby is born. We only take a certain amount of newborns each month. By calling and letting us know you want us to do your session when the baby is here, you reserve one of those spots and we give you further detail about how to book the date of your newborn session when the baby arrives. Due to the nature of newborn sessions and how it all works to get those adorable little poses we do, the best time to do your session is in the first 14 days of birth. ( 5-10 days is best if possible! )


$150 ( includes all digital images edited with print release ) when booked with a newborn session
$200 ( includes all digital images edited with print release ) when not booked with a newborn session


  • Photographer coming to the hospital for your 30-45 minute session
  • All images edited with print release
  • Time and talent of photographer
  • Online password protected gallery
  • After all images edited with print release: (with option to purchase professional prints if you would like as well)

Fresh 48 is where KLiK will come to the hospital sometime within the first 48 hours of your babies birth and capture all the sweetness of a fresh newborn.

This is all about capturing their tiny fingers, those precious feet & small details like their hospital bracelet that doesn't seem so significant until it no longer fits!

There are no props in these photos like there are for a newborn studio session. This is all about your fresh new baby and your first few hours of him/her being in your arms! It is ok if you would like us to get photos of the baby meeting his/her siblings or part of the family for the first time, however we ask that there is not a full room of people when we are doing these photos.

Due to the short time frame, (48 hours) there is NO GUARANTEE that KLiK will be able to make it if we already have a full schedule.

The best thing to do is to contact us ahead of time so we know the approximate date. Then when you are heading to the hospital to have the baby, or as soon as the baby is here, text the studio at (507) 210-7087. When doing that we will let you know if we have availability in the 48 hours to do the photos!